These Sales Mastery Trainings Are Sitting In Your Private Member Resources Right Now...

Normally these training modules would sell for $299 each (or $1495 in total) but I want you to have them with this exclusive member upgrade, for just $237 when you join MP Fast-Track sales mastery program…

Here’s a quick look at the MP Fast-Track influence training you’ll have immediate access to the critical communication tools to hone your influence skills...






But that’s not all… (not by a long shot)

A big part of this training is learning how to take action when the timing is right.

So we’re also going to add a THIRD program (after your ‘Million Dollar Sales Pitch’ and MP Fast-Track) to round out your library and it’s called the Coaches Collection (normally $127)

The Coaches Collection is another short video training series that we shot for our private clients who not only needed to learn to pitch, persuade and negotiate, but also needed to Lead their team and Coach solid business principles that would help them find their teams' highest potential too.

Some just liked it because it helped put a framework around their own journey as a business professional Whichever applies to you - It’s going to be included AT NO ADDITIONAL COST when you choose to upgrade your membership to the MP Fast-Track program.

This program is the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to having more control, more influence and more income.

Join our growing community of business professionals who know how to engage and influence their audience...

we’ve been doing this for a long time

In fact, we've specialised in training high-impact influence for over 15 years...

But we also use these strategies every day in our own business, not only with small and startup clients, but some of the most recognised brands in the world

(we love it - and so will you when you learn how)

Some people in our business community include:

  • One of Europe's most revered technology startup CEOs who is now a recognised angel investor for other start-up tech companies around the world
  • The founder of one of the most successful Personal Training brands in Australia now dominating the online marketing space
  • A true guru in the sales industry who has risen to the top of the US real estate market, finance market and education sales markets
  • Probably the world’s foremost expert in online product creation and brand promotion (who’s work you have DEFINITELY seen, and probably bought)

Along with bunch of:

  • Web and creative development publishers
  • Direct sales and call centre sales professionals
  • Event managers and exhibitors
  • Authors and content marketers
  • Best-in-class accountants (including a prominent Xero expert)
  • Startup, Angel and Venture Capitalists

If you’ve been following carefully, you’ve probably already seen the community's massive impact on our own programs and marketing

That community expertise is invaluable to us, and everyone in our ‘inner circle'

Once you’re in, and have demonstrated that you’re serious about building a meaningful, ethical and sustainable business

You’ll also get access to this pool of expertise

We call it the $1M Rolodex

Because now that you’ll have these skills to pitch and present your ideas in a way that influences - then all you’ll need is proximity to an awesome Next Level business community.

And we’ve got you covered with that... but I digress...

So you get it all...

5 MP Fast Track Modules to get you smashing it out of the park right from day one:

  • Introduction to Sales Frameworks
  • The Secret Art of Prospecting
  • Building Instant Rapport and Trust
  • The Framing, Qualifying and Positioning
  • Crafting Your Transition and Close

The Coaches Collection video series (plus BONUS) to complete your library collection:

  • Cause and Effect Paradigm
  • The Trust Formula
  • Perception is Projection
  • Eliciting Values
  • Handling Objections (part 1)
  • Handling Objections (Part 2)
  • BONUS: Group Coaching Series (MP3)

That's right... Your investment today is just $237

But if you were to but each of the programs in full, it would look like this:

5x MP Modules @ $299 each = $1,495
1x Coaches Collection = $127
(not including the $88 you've already saved off the 'Million Dollar Sales Pitch'...)
= value $1,622

your savings TODAY: $1,622 - $237 = $1385 or 85% off!

But to be clear:

This is an exclusive offer and you will not find this price anywhere on our websites or anywhere else

Once the offer closes, so does your opportunity to access this Fast-Track package and this price

If you’ve committed to this year being YOUR year, and you’re ready...

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And your Advanced Influence and Persuasion Training is waiting for you on the other side.

So just scroll down and pick the option that is the right fit for you...

And you’re in

This is your chance to truly master your communication and influence, both professionally and personally

By knowing exactly what to say, when to say and how to say to have your customer’s just say ‘yes’ to you, rather than wasting more time, energy and money ‘playing around’ in your business

At just a fraction of the usual investment

On the other hand, if you think that everything’s on track and you’re already doing the best that you’re capable of...

Just click on the “No thanks, please block MP Fast-Track” link and your library will just show your MDSP training.

But if you’ve come this far, you know this one skill could really have a massive positive impact on your business and finances

And you’re passionate about your growth and the FAST growth in your business this year...

Then the MP Fast-Track is for you.

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