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It's with great pleasure that I welcome you to this year's enrollment to the Mass Persuasion Sales Mastery Program. In just a few short weeks, you're going to have the understanding and ability to communicate that was previously reserved for the most highly regarded (and highly paid) leaders in the world.

But I want to welcome you into an even more important group - I want to welcome you to the 1% of people who actually do something with their life, and live at we call "cause" rather than at "effect".

Here's some words from just a few of our past graduates about the journey you're about to begin:

"Since working with the program we have grown from a small startup with no customers, to a medium sized agency serving 2 billion dollar clients and a dozen smaller ones."
- Alex Crouch, Digital Marketing, Owner

"This program gave me the skills and the confidence to apply for a position that was paying 50% more than I'd ever got before. My career has skyrocketed since the course and working with the guys and DC has been with me every step of the way."
- Matt Eierweis, Insurance, Team Manager

"This the best investment we've ever made in our team. The level of conversation we have with our clients now is incomparable. If you want to build a profitable lifestyle business and you've got the chance to join a DC program - run, don't walk."
- Brad Turville, Finance, CFO

This decision is not just about gaining control of your communication and persuasion, it's about changing the trajectory of your business and life. Over the next few weeks you're going to be challenged to do things a little differently, adopt new behaviours and sometimes get a little uncomfortable.

But that's really where the magic happens…

Anyway, just wanted to say what a great decision this is and that I'm looking forward to working with you and to you joining our community of elite graduates.

To your success!

Dave Cervelli
Founder of Discover Coaching

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