Coaching is the indispensable business tool of 2016

Having a clear plan on how to build your business can increase your sales as much as 400%, double your network size and massively improve your ability to lead and motivate action. Because coaching is about seeing opportunities you can't see, multiplying your brain (by using someone else's) and connecting with your audience in a deeper, more personal way.

If you want to have less...


Doubt in yourself? In your current ability to live up to the expectations people have of you. That you have of yourself?


Fear of not being able to make ends meet? Of letting family and friends down? Of reaching the next level and not knowing what to do next? Of earning but not deserving?


 Frustration around being stuck? In a lack of opportunity to grow? In not understanding - or more importantly - not being understood?


Anger towards other people's success? Towards yourself for feeling that way? Anger because it seems that hard work doesn't translate to personal or financial reward?


Inconsistency in success? In relationships? Inconsistency in people being interested in what you're doing and in working with you. In thinking you know what you're doing (then not).


Disappointment in where you are in life, compared with where you should be? When you feel like you're failing to meet responsibilities? When you can't seem to get the life 'they' promise?

And you're ready to have more...


Time to do the things that make YOU feel happy and fulfilled? Time to spend with your mum, your brother, your sister or cousin? Time to spend climbing a tree or reading a book?


Money to spoil your loved ones? For an unplanned trip around the world? To feel totally at ease with your home space. To go the best restaurants without ever having to look at the menu price?


Choices about who you are? About where you want to live? About how to spend your time on this planet and about who you want to share that time with. Its ALL about having more choices.


Growth in your knowledge? In your skills? In your wisdom? Growth as a student? As a partner? As a friend? Growth as a special human being living on and contributing to this planet?


Health in body as well as mind? Health in what you eat? Health in what you consume and consider? Having the knowledge to create a healthy home for your present and future family?


How about more fun? Fun in the way you work, and importantly, more fun in the way you play? Fun with people and fun when you're alone? The freedom to have fun without guilt of anything holding you back.

Then Coaching might just be for you.

(So where do you start??)


Introducing: The Coaches Collection

Your introduction to world-class business coaching

The Coaches Collection is a video & audio mini-series for small business owners covering EXACTLY what to change IF you want to perform at a higher level, get better outcomes personally & professionally or motivate people to Take Action.

In this short video mini-series, we explore some of the key fundamentals of high level mindset and performance for building a socialpreneurial empire and how to guarantee value for your customers
(while getting paid to do it).

Instant Access

  • 6-Part Video Interview Series
  • BONUS 8-Part Audio Coaching Series
  • 10+ hours of industry leading strategies
  • Practical tools for wealth and connection in 2015

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Intro to World-Class Coaching


What's inside the box?

VIDEO 1: The Cause and Effect Paradigm

One of the most fundamental frames for success comes from the NLP toolbox and it's called the The Cause and Effect paradigm. This concept is the basis for powerful interpersonal skills management especially when dealing with customers, employees and what is "culture" in the workplace. The Cause and Effect Paradigm is critically important in business communication skills, new business development, cold calling, Leadership and Teamwork Training or any customer-facing part of your life or business.

VIDEO 2: The Trust Formula

What is the science behind trust? How can I create the most fundamental connection in my business and personal life at will, no matter my audience?

In this episode, we look at The Trust Formula or the science of rapport and how it can be adopted in your Business Coaching, Sales and Leadership Teamwork Training. This formula is the secret to building close connection and instant trust with your customers, employees and personal relationships.

The Trust Formula is a key tool in communication skills training, especially when focusing on  high performance, strong culture and building a trusted brand. The trust formula is also part of the Leadership Skills toolbox and valuable for driving teamwork and business development.

VIDEO 3: Perception is Projection

Also from in the neuro-linguistics high-performance coaching toolbox, The Perception is Projection frame is a powerful enabler for all business coaching relationships. In this component of the series, we look at how we filter for particular opportunities and blind ourselves to others that are right in front of us. This coaching topic is relevant to market opportunities, career development as well as personal and professional relationships. In this video we discuss the application of this frame in your  selling, business development or generally improving your interpersonal and effective communication skills.

VIDEO 4: Eliciting Values

This coaching topic explores the mechanics of Eliciting Values and the importance of knowing your clients' values when doing change work, marketing or selling. This is a vital tool in your arsenal, particularly in Business Coaching, Sales and Leadership Teamwork Training. Eliciting Values (along with eliciting Strategies) is the most powerful communication tool in the NLP toolbox for influencing business communication to have better relationships and deeper connection.

VIDEO 5: Handling Objections (Part 1)

Objections are a natural occurance in any frame of influence and change work. This two-part coaching topic, we explore Objection Handling and the common pitfalls to avoid. These practical tips are a brief extract covered full sales mastery program Mass Persuasion available on our website. The Objection Handling lesson is a quick reference for anyone in a customer facing environment.

VIDEO 6: Handling Objections (Part 2)

As in previous coaching topics covered in this Coaches Collection mini-series, the Objection Handling modules are key in communication skills training, for workplace effective communication, high levels of staff engagement and high-performance culture. The Objection Handling coaching videos (parts 1 and 2) are further explored in our Mass Persuasion: Sales Mastery online study program and are a key ingredient for driving teamwork and business development. This two-part coaching topic is focused on just a few simple, easy and practical tools and strategies so that you can be confident to apply them in your next high-stakes conversation today.

BONUS: Group Coaching Series (MP3)

To supplement the video series, for a limited time we are including 8 FULL LENGTH group coaching calls taken from private coaching Mastermind groups. This 'best-of' selection of 40-90min calls cover key business coaching topics across Small Business Finance, Marketing Strategies, Competitor Strategies, Mindset Coaching - and of course - Influence & Persuasion.

This is your exclusive insight into the world of high-level business coaching and into what the committed business owner in focused on growing in 2015.

If you've ever considered getting outside guidance on exactly what to do to quickly grow your business, you're going to LOVE this 8-part series.

(Note: Periodical additions to the coaching calls section may be expected over time and subject to permission by our very generous partners and other contributors - we're all about recency!)

Get your access today and start making a massive shift in your business and life.

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Intro to World-Class Coaching


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  • Small business strategies and tactics for Australian markets

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  • A ONE TIME ONLY offer to join a one day sales training for $157 (Normally $1197) RE-OPENING July 2016
  • An invitation to apply for the Mass Persuasion Home Study Sponsorship Program
  • A solid education in business communication, yours for a lifetime

Course Details:

Whats the investment: $127

Who's it for: Trainers, team leaders, speakers, coaches, consultants, authors, any small to medium business entrepreneurs or leaders with sales targets. Primarily working with Australian audiences.

Delivery: Video and audio series delivered through an ONLINE membership site.

Course Length: 10+ Hours of coaching gold!


About the creator

David Cervelli is an Australian entrepreneur who has been building and training high performance sales teams for more than 10 years. In that time, he’s spent more than $200,000 researching and exploring the simplest, most practical and real-world tools of persuasion and influence which form the foundations of Mass Persuasion.

His mission is to to connect every person in this new generation of business to the real education they need to survive and thrive.

DC is the creator of several global businesses including Discover Coaching where he consults to global market leading brands (Yahoo, Liveperson, Etihad Airways, Sensis, Facebook, RP Data etc), coaching business owners and executives all around the globe in how to build customer connection and brand loyalty in today’s online and offline marketplace.

With contribution as a key value in all of his businesses, David mentors teenagers and young adults at  annual “teen” and “tween” camps that he runs (with his sister, Erin) for the not-for-profit organisation HeartKids. David is a Director on the board for HeartKids and all profit-driving training programs are tied to this non-for-profit organisation which aims to improve the lives of children affected with CHD.

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